Friday, January 22, 2010

My Haiti Relief

I know you’ve been hearing about this tragedy all over the place and maybe some of you are getting sick of it, but I just wanted to enlighten everyone on what I feel about this disaster. As I sat in my dad’s redskin chair watching “Hope for Haiti Now” on TV; I sat drinking my tea brewed with dried jasmine tea leaves and fresh filtered water, I started to think about what has been going on in Haiti. I don’t know if some of you know that Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world but it is and has been for a good period of time. This earthquake is a disaster and the people of Haiti need help. They are coming up from nothing. They started with not much of anything at all and this earthquake has left them with not much of anything as well. Haiti needed help before the earthquake and they need help now more than ever. They needed help before…they need help right now…and they need help after. Some may have not known that Haiti was one of the poorest countries until this tragic event (which isn’t any one’s fault it just hasn’t been in the “lime light” as a big deal to many of us until now). Hopefully this event will show that Haiti needs more help then we think…Help with the earthquake disaster and help with overcoming poverty. We may be able to help them rescue and save lives but we also need to help them rebuild. Rebuild as a country and as a population of importance in the world. Yes there are many other countries that are in poverty as well but it just goes to show that donating anything, not just money, but clothes, food, and fresh water counts just as much as money does to any country. Any donation to the Haiti relief or any other donation to save a population that is in need is welcome with open arms. There are many ways to donate and I will provide some links to share with everyone so you can do your part in the world and help someone less fortunate. Thank you all for reading my little passage about my thoughts on Haiti. I’m sorry if it isn’t as clear as it should be but I’m sure you get the picture lol. My family is also doing our part, as well as our church donating as much as we can to help the relief. Every little bit counts :)

Here are the links as promised.

American Red Cross

Here is a great link from that gives many different ways to donate and to what your money is going to, such as immediate care or donations for rebuilding. This is a very good site to search around and pick where you would like your donation to go.

Google Effort

A Blog post (with links) By the New York Times

American Jewish World Service

The Huffington Post

These are just some of the ways to donate, remember everything and anything helps. :)

-Ashley S.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

YAY for Saturday! BOO for my butt-to-leg tendon hurting me:(

HI! so yeah havent had a post in a WHILE! so i PROMISE there will be pictures in this post and the next post ^_^ soooo today we had an inspecter over our house to price the house and such. So i had to SUPERLY FAST clean my AMAZINGLY messy room! and i broke my butt :( and my leg so i tried to stretch to make it didnt LOL so yeah i declared that i hurt my butt-to-leg tendon :(

sooooo yeah ummm my room is pretty clean LOL kinda O_O theres still junk that needs o be sored ou -_- i have WAY too much stuff -_- i have to getrid of some of it :\ and i need organizing containers REALLY REALLY BAD! yeahhh soon enough my friends soon enough!

here pics of my "clean" room

yeahhhh so its not too bad because u can actually see A LOT of my carpet :D yay carpet :P an the reason for he different size in pictures is to see what i like better LOL


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So uhhh i FINALLY GOT MY ORIGINAL COPY OF PEACH GIRL SET FINISHED! WOOT WOOT! I'll take pictures ^_^ 1-8 of the first release books yay *does dance* i can finally read this book now! YAY! GO ME! i still need some other books though like the whole second edition of the original peach girl series THEN i have to complete the Peach Girl: Change of Heart series yay ^_^ pictures soon :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008



Saturday, September 27, 2008


i really need to make a birthday list LOL its too bad i have a HUGE list....hmmm maybe it'll be my birthday/christmas list....hmmmmm very nice ;) well i gota go change now so i can go out with the parents! :P


Tuesday, September 9, 2008



anyway so im excited im gona be turning 20! ewww >.< 20 blah lol i wanna stay 19 :-p im still concidered a TEENager ^-^ and i LIKE that! lol la lala so omg IM ON MY NEW LAPTOP! YAY! new laptop *does dance* im watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmernman i love this show its so CRAZY! its on TONIGHT (aka Tuesdays at 10pmEST!) now only if i can remember that LOL

so yeah im on my laptop ^-^ i need to transfer some of my files and get some of my programs on here as well im thinking about getting Sims 3 ^-^ i told my family i want best buy gift cards for my birthday LOL im gona e-mail them too sometimes they like to forget my birthday -_- thanks a bundle! so yeah either best buy gift cards OR one of those refillable credit card gift card things LOL yeah i think that re-useable credit card thing is good yeah....i should get one of those! because i want to reuse it....LOL im such a dork!

ANYWAY man school is kicking my BUTT! but i just gota keep it pushin and get my work done. Yuns not gona be in class with me tomorrow :( sadness im gona be so lonely! i wanna get my massage this weekend but we have people coming over on saturday. :\ i might get it done on friday but i donno i have to see, it would be nice but i donnos.

im so tired i tried to take a nap today and yeah.....that didn't work -_- my head hurts i'd like to sleep but i have work to do -_- im gona get a good sleep tonight so i can wake up early tomorrow but i wonder what time i have to sleep in order to be okay at 5am -_-

well dinner time i'll talk to ya'll laters! buh byes :)

Monday, August 25, 2008


DO YOU REMEMBER LADY LOVELY LOCKS?!?!?!?! OMFG something inside my head told me to look it up today and i did. I just asked my BESTEST FRIEND EVER Jed what made me think of Lady Lovely Locks and hes like okay this is what u said:

Ashley: I don't want to do homework....LADY LOVELY LOCKS OMG!

LOL i have NO clue what made me think of it. OMG i remember now it was from Jed being on netflixs! thats how i thought of it! Well i went to google and typed in Lady Lovely Locks and i found sites that people had made for Lady Lovely Locks. OMG u all don't understand HOW BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THOSE VHS TAPES! >.<>.<>

I was so excited when i found it! i know i was being annoying to other people but its like once you find something so pure and clear from your child hood you just have to have it! I HAVE TO HAVE THESE VHS TAPES! >.<

But anyway my birthday is in October soooooooo if anyone would like to get me those VHS tapes i'd be happy and cry when i see them and love them forever! ^_^ *wink*wink*notch*notch*


i really want to get them :) i will ^-^ OMG people can give me those little credit card things! then i can use them online ^-^ yay! go me :)

im in school now and im SUPER sleepy im about to pass out im not even looking at the computer sleep sleep sleep. so my parents got me this canopy thing and i dont even know if i want it LOL its one that hngs from the ceiling. im like what if i want to move my bed? i want the one thats in the JCpenneys catalog
isn't it cute? it has these curtain things too but i can't find it. Anyway i want this canopy instead of the one that hangs from the ceiling -_- but i have to talk to my mom about it :\ i donno i might just stick with the one she bought me... we'll see :)
anyway im gona go play this game on so i'll ttyl BYE!
P.S. Pictures LOTS AND LOTS of pictures later most likely there going in my photobucket thingy ma bober ;) k bye!