Monday, August 25, 2008


DO YOU REMEMBER LADY LOVELY LOCKS?!?!?!?! OMFG something inside my head told me to look it up today and i did. I just asked my BESTEST FRIEND EVER Jed what made me think of Lady Lovely Locks and hes like okay this is what u said:

Ashley: I don't want to do homework....LADY LOVELY LOCKS OMG!

LOL i have NO clue what made me think of it. OMG i remember now it was from Jed being on netflixs! thats how i thought of it! Well i went to google and typed in Lady Lovely Locks and i found sites that people had made for Lady Lovely Locks. OMG u all don't understand HOW BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THOSE VHS TAPES! >.<>.<>

I was so excited when i found it! i know i was being annoying to other people but its like once you find something so pure and clear from your child hood you just have to have it! I HAVE TO HAVE THESE VHS TAPES! >.<

But anyway my birthday is in October soooooooo if anyone would like to get me those VHS tapes i'd be happy and cry when i see them and love them forever! ^_^ *wink*wink*notch*notch*


i really want to get them :) i will ^-^ OMG people can give me those little credit card things! then i can use them online ^-^ yay! go me :)

im in school now and im SUPER sleepy im about to pass out im not even looking at the computer sleep sleep sleep. so my parents got me this canopy thing and i dont even know if i want it LOL its one that hngs from the ceiling. im like what if i want to move my bed? i want the one thats in the JCpenneys catalog
isn't it cute? it has these curtain things too but i can't find it. Anyway i want this canopy instead of the one that hangs from the ceiling -_- but i have to talk to my mom about it :\ i donno i might just stick with the one she bought me... we'll see :)
anyway im gona go play this game on so i'll ttyl BYE!
P.S. Pictures LOTS AND LOTS of pictures later most likely there going in my photobucket thingy ma bober ;) k bye!