Friday, July 4, 2008

Those pictures i promised! LOL

hey sorry ya'll i was in ocean city for 4 days :P and then im going to new york next week woot woot! i'll be posting all those picture next week. so get ready for a huge picture post next week >.<

so first here is my messy room that being clean still -_- so bare with the mess for a bit LOL

so theres the mess heres how big my bed is! its HUGE! >.<>

see it is huge! :P

Here is my princess corner ^-^ where all my cutesy crowns are :) and my hello kitty's ^-^ thats my pimp cup btw its where the unicorn is sitting in on the right side of the secon image LOL i'll take a picture of that later :P isn't it cutes though ^-^ i'll show u more when my room is complete :P i need to redo my closet so more pictures to come :)

heres my little cousin ^_^ hes my third cousin named Johnny :) he ish so cutes ^-^

isn't he cutes! ^-^ his mommy is holdin him while she was sitting next to me :P that woman behind him in the second picture is the lady that took the meds then drank a glass of wine who fell off the chair three times -_- shes okay now. She knows better then to do that now :p
anyway my lovelies i will post my vacation pictures soon ^-^ i need a sym card so i can take some of them off my phone hopefully i will get it this weekend or next week before new york. -_-
oh yeah i didn't even tell u where i went LOL i went to Ocean City for 4 days 3 nights and next week I'm off to NY! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!! ^-^ excited we're goin all over the place esspecially chinatown ^-^ OMG there food is SOOOOOOOOOOOO good! O_O! i CANT WAIT! *faints* mmm i can taste the goodness now :)