Wednesday, June 11, 2008


..AND SO ARE U! well to me that is! So i decided to make a blog about little things in my life, or big things too but whatever! LOL so I've been blogging since when xanga was popular hahaha that was my first blog i started writing in and i thought I'd get back into blogging since its the summer (of 2008 ^.~ WOOT WOOT!) and i have time on my hands!

What to expect?

~There will be run on sentences THIS ISN'T ENGLISH CLASS so things MAY be spelt wrong if i don't use spell checker ^.~
~I speak my mind on everything i do I'm open to opinions but please if you think your 100% right and you don't believe me CHECK because i may know more on a subject then u do :) i will check as well to be sure.
~MEAN PEOPLE ARE MEAN! I am not mean, i just tell it strait forward. its harsh but its true and deep down inside u freakin know it, you just don't want to see it and I'm sorry that u don't want too. All i can do it help the rest is up to u. I've seen people ignore my advice and end up right where they left off and all i do is shake me head and giggle because i know they didn't try.
~I'll think of more things later or you'll just find out along the way on what i write about, how i write it, and what i do.

I'll get a bio up about me on this thing too so you'll know a little more about me :) other then that stay tuned cause I'll be back ^.~ OH YES I'LL BE BACK!