Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sorry for being away....

Hey everyone! I'm REAL sorry for being away I've been so busy cleaning my room and working out lately. hahaha working out...yeah did that once this break LOL but I gota get back into it but foreal first comes my room and cleaning it up because its a MESS!

I just got this HUGE HUGE bed and I had to take EVERYTHING out to fit it in there so yeah now it’s in there and now I have to clean up stuff around it. I'll take a picture and post tomorrow if I'm not superly busy! Next week I’m GOING TO THE BEACH! WOOT WOOT! MY FIRST VACATION EVENT YAY! Well no can't really say that I've been to two weddings and a retirement party the past 3 Saturdays LOL all from my dad’s side of the family.

The first wedding was SOOOOOOooooOOoo cute! It was such a sweet little wedding and the reception was nice too. They are really the cutest couple I’ve ever seen. When the bride first came out I looked strait at the groom to see his face. It was so cute he was so nervous *eyes are swelling up just thinking about it* and he held his composure but when they started the wedding vows he started crying. OMG that brought butterflies to my stomach! And I started crying too! It was so cute! I’m about to cry right now just thinking about it. I hope they have a great life together. :) Congrats to you both.

Retirement party that was fun!!! Although we had some minor upsets O_O my dad’s cousin kept crying and falling off her chair! I was literally like "Uhhhh what the fuck do I do?" LOL I had to pick her up I was like these high ass Coach shoes will NOT help me pick her up. Eventually me and this other lady picked her up but that happened THREE TIMES! She had takin some like muscle relaxers and drank a glass of wine when she got to the party. DUDE she was like a ZOMBIE! It was pretty horrible but I mean I guess u can't blame her. She had gotten some news that her sister wanted to sell their mother house. Please keep in mind that she is getting pretty far up there in age and her mother passed away a little while ago. (Can’t remember when but still). So she was upset about that and that’s why she took the pills. But that glass of wine really put her in the low place.


Anyway other then that I saw my cute third cousin he ish a baby ^_^ (pics coming soon when I update this post :* ) he’s uber cute but TOTALLY A MAMA'S BOY! hahaha but that’s okay I love Cousin Johnny and Sandy ^_^ there so nice :) hmm OMG I have some video too but I donno if I can get it uploaded here its gona be bad since its on my cell phone camera so I wont upload that to the computer lol

Third event! Second WEDDING! They were a young couple I think with a little baby too. She was really cute ^-^ their so young looking though I hope they have a nice future together as well :) The bride was REAL pretty though, her dress was nice too but it had some color in it which was pretty but I donno if I want color in my wedding dress though O_O. Boy where theyyyy country! O-O the groom and his whole grooms men party were wearing camouflage ties and vests. My and my dad were like O_O thank goodness they (most of them) kept there jackets on. Lol It was a cute wedding man, when the bride danced with her dad, it made me think of my future wedding and dancing with my dad. I'm gona cry sooooo hard and so bad -_- GONA BE CRYIN!!!!!! I get all teared up just thinking, writing and talking about it. Gona be so sad :( *sigh* :'(

**needs a moment to collect herself**

so sad :'(


*shakes head*

Okay okay I’m good....THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

other then that they had disposable cameras at the tables and I took GREAT pictures of the bride and groom with their first dance, bride and father, groom and mother, bouquet toss, garter toss, and cake cutting (although EVERYONE was up near them I couldn't see CRAP! lol I got the aftermath:P The cake was made by her mom I think or step mom? I donno but it was Homemade and boyyyyy that was GOOD! FRESH Strawberry filling @_@ mmmm mmm mmm I wanted to tell her how good it was but I never got the chance too :( I feel bad about that but what can I do ya know? We left early because my mom couldn't stand the country music.

So yeah that’s the events for this evening :) or the past couple of days LOL I’ll update this back when I have the pictures on here ;) Until then I hope to keep updating as much as possible :) see ya!